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Current Challenges in the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit organizations in the United States constantly struggle with operational and financial challenges. Speculation about the common challenges faced by our nation’s nonprofits is abound, but what do the concrete statistics say? The BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence recently released … Continue reading

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Data Breaches at Nonprofits

Everyone hears about data breaches hitting large companies like Yahoo!, Home Depot, Anthem, Sony, and Target. Nonprofit organizations also have crippling data breaches. Earlier this year, a small nonprofit in Indiana fell prey to hackers, reports KQED. The organization is Little … Continue reading

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Form 990 Filing Site Hacked

Form 990 Filing just got more complicated. The online service where 990s are filed electronically has recently been hacked. The Urban Institute, which operates the online filing site for the annual returns nonprofits must file, announced that it “recently discovered … Continue reading

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IRS Targets Nonprofit Self-Declarers

It’s official. IRS targeting of nonprofit self-declarers will begin this year. Most organizations that qualify for federal tax-exemption other than non-church 501(c)(3) charities do not need to apply for tax-exemption. Whereas may do, they can simply self-declare that they are … Continue reading

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AG Proposes Changes to Penalties

Ever wonder what will happen if you don’t comply with the California Attorney General‘s rules on charitable solicitation? Stay up at night wondering whether you’re going to be carted off to jail for failing to register? Hopefully you didn’t spend … Continue reading

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Alleged Embezzlement Sets Off Review of Financial Procedures

How closely does your nonprofit’s board supervise financial transactions? Last week, a woman who handled financial transactions for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York was charged with embezzling more than $1 million over 7 years. She allegedly issued hundreds … Continue reading

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The “Buffet Rule” Preserves Charitable Giving Incentive

If you heard President Obama mention the “Buffet Rule” during his State of the Union address last week and worried whether the incentives for charitable giving would also be restricted, we now know that they will not. On February 1, … Continue reading

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Naming Rights Motivate Donors, But Also Lawsuits

If your organization has ever considered offering naming rights to motivate donors, just know that if you offer it, you better mean it. Last week jurors ruled that Integris Hospital had to not only return a $500,000 donation from Garth … Continue reading

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IRS Updates 2011-2012 Plan

You are not the only one who makes to do lists. Last week, the IRS released updates to its Priority Guidance Plan, a checklist of items the IRS hopes to accomplish between July 2011 and June 2012. While the plan … Continue reading

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Do New Charities Have to File Forms 990?

New organizations often ask us whether or not they have to file the Form 990. Recently the IRS made it clear that the answer is yes. The IRS explains that organizations must file the 990 even before they file the … Continue reading

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