Minimum Wage Increase Goes into Effect on July 1!

Minimum Wage Increase Goes into Effect on July 1!

Do you know the minimum wage for many nonprofit employees will increase on July 1, 2019? On that date, certain cities and counties in California, as well as the District of Columbia, New Jersey and Oregon, will increase the minimum hourly wage for nonexempt employees. The size of the wage increase may depend whether the employer has 26 or more employees. These wage requirements match or exceed those set by California’s minimum wage law. The table below lists many communities in California whose minimum wages will increase July 1, 2019:

If the new minimum wage applies to your organization, it’s critical that it updates the hourly wage for applicable employees with the organization’s payroll processor. Failure to do so can expose the organization to substantial statutory penalties and even class action lawsuits.

To be certain whether a minimum wage hike applies to your nonprofit and to make the necessary changes to your payroll (if applicable), promptly consult your nonprofit’s employment attorney or consultant.

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