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Unrelated Business Income- Exclusions and Carve-Outs

August 25, 2023 Posted by Casey Summar in Non-profits, Nonprofits, organization, Taxes, Unrelated Business Income

Review of Unrelated Business Taxable Income While 501(c)(3) organizations are generally recognized as tax-exempt, they may have to pay tax on income derived from certain revenue-generating activities (as opposed to income from donations) known as unrelated business taxable income (UBTI). Income may be considered UBTI if it (1) is from a trade or business, (2) …


Nonprofit Mergers

Nonprofit organizations may find themselves engaging in mergers or other business combinations in the same way as for-profit businesses. The reasons vary, including advancing strategic alliances, efficiency of operations, expanding services, and protecting assets. Whereas a merger traditionally is thought of a marriage of two or more entities, the merger may take many forms including …


How to Dissolve a Nonprofit Organization

Mission accomplished. Our needs have changed. We are not sustainable. Our efforts are better served elsewhere. There can be many reasons behind the dissolution of a nonprofit organization, but one thing is a given: from logistics to community impact, closing operations takes time and care. While there are variances from state to state, we have …