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Current Challenges in the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit organizations in the United States constantly struggle with operational and financial challenges. Speculation about the common challenges faced by our nation’s nonprofits is abound, but what do the concrete statistics say? The BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence recently released a report from its survey of 105 nonprofits that reveals the current challenges nonprofits are …


Making The Grantmaker’s Job Easier

November 24, 2010 Posted by The Law Firm for Non-Profits, P.C. in Grantmaking

Before dolling out the dollars, grantmakers typically go through due diligence process.  The challenge comes with the quantity of information. The grantmaker needs enough info to make a good, qualified decision on funding. On the flip side, grantmakers need to be sensitive to the abilities and constraints of today’s non-profits. Grantmakers needs to balance the …