Making The Grantmaker’s Job Easier

November 24, 2010 Posted by The Law Firm for Non-Profits, P.C. in Grantmaking

Before dolling out the dollars, grantmakers typically go through due diligence process.  The challenge comes with the quantity of information. The grantmaker needs enough info to make a good, qualified decision on funding.

On the flip side, grantmakers need to be sensitive to the abilities and constraints of today’s non-profits. Grantmakers needs to balance the need for information without requesting too much information. The gathering of information and writing of grants is costly, both in time and in dollars.

That’s where the Due Diligence Done Well guide comes in. It’s a tool designed to help grantmakers create a streamlined process which allows for channeling information. According to GEO, who is offering Due Diligence Done Well, grantmakers using the tool will “find out more about a potential grantee’s track record, its relationship with the community, its leadership, its programs and outcomes, its finances, and the capacities it brings to its work.”

Whether you’re a donor, a foundation, an ED of a non-profit, or a board member, funding is as important as ever. This tool might be a good way of sharing information in an already strained era for non-profits.

This online guide and tool is free. To learn more or to download it, go to

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