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California’s Crackdown on Nonprofits

Nonprofits should take note that there is a new sheriff in town. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is cracking down on nonprofits that are breaking the law. Becerra’s public statements indicate that he will bring stronger enforcement against charities. So … Continue reading

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Reinforcement for Charitable Supervision in California

California law requires all organizations that hold or solicit property for charitable purposes in California to register with the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts (“RCT”) and provide annual reports. But according to the Attorney General’s Office, there are … Continue reading

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Misleading Notices Target Nonprofits

As happens every year, nonprofits are being targeted by businesses that send misleading corporate compliance notices. The first batch for 2014 has just been mailed with the headline “Annual Minutes Compliance Notice.” Don’t fall for these rip-offs. As the California … Continue reading

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Choose Grant Recipients Wisely

How carefully does your nonprofit’s board choose grant recipients? If you don’t know, here is a wake-up call. One Fund Boston, the 501(c)(3) established to assist victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon bombings, recently approved payment of $480,000 … Continue reading

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Hershey Trust Settlement Shocks Many, Has a Lesson for All

Two years ago, the Pennsylvania Attorney General began an investigation into the $9 billion Hershey Trust, which operates a prominent residential facility for disadvantaged youth. The investigation started after the trust made multi-million dollar purchases of a golf course and … Continue reading

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The AG Provides a “How Not to” Manual for Charities

As CNN reported last week, the CA Attorney General filed a claim against Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV) accusing the board of, among other things, diverting and wasting charitable assets. The AG alleges that the board approved excessive compensations, failed to … Continue reading

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Attorney General Takes Action

In most states, the Attorney General has the authority to govern organizations that administer or solicit charitable funds. While the authority varies by state, most Attorneys General require initial registrations as well as annual updates. But the Attorney General plays … Continue reading

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AG Proposes Changes to Penalties

Ever wonder what will happen if you don’t comply with the California Attorney General‘s rules on charitable solicitation? Stay up at night wondering whether you’re going to be carted off to jail for failing to register? Hopefully you didn’t spend … Continue reading

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