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New Warnings from the Attorney General

Is your nonprofit a target for the Attorney General? This week, the head of the California Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Section, Tania Ibanez, provided an update on its enforcement of laws regulating charities. That update revealed that the Attorney General is scrutinizing charities that solicit donations for purposes related to veterans, cancer treatment and animal …


California Attorney General Here to Help Nonprofits

October 25, 2018 Posted by Steven Adamian in Non-profits, Nonprofits

Need help understanding a nonprofit’s reporting requirements with the California Attorney General’s office? Or help curing a nonprofit’s delinquent status with the agency’s Registry of Charitable Trusts? If so, help is here! The Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Section is providing a live webinar on October 30, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. to address these topics. Specifically, …


California’s Crackdown on Nonprofits

May 30, 2017 Posted by Laura Antonelli in News, Non-profits, Nonprofits, Uncategorized

Nonprofits should take note that there is a new sheriff in town. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is cracking down on nonprofits that are breaking the law. Becerra’s public statements indicate that he will bring stronger enforcement against charities. So far, he has. Since Becerra became Attorney General, the State of California has initiated litigation …


Reinforcement for Charitable Supervision in California

May 30, 2014 Posted by Jessica Shofler in News, Nonprofits

California law requires all organizations that hold or solicit property for charitable purposes in California to register with the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts (“RCT”) and provide annual reports. But according to the Attorney General’s Office, there are 52,000 charities that are delinquent in their reporting and at least 130,000 charities operating in …


Misleading Notices Target Nonprofits

March 17, 2014 Posted by Arthur Rieman in News, Nonprofits, Scams

As happens every year, nonprofits are being targeted by businesses that send misleading corporate compliance notices. The first batch for 2014 has just been mailed with the headline “Annual Minutes Compliance Notice.” Don’t fall for these rip-offs. As the California Secretary of State advises, these “letters are being sent to California businesses encouraging them to …


Choose Grant Recipients Wisely

How carefully does your nonprofit’s board choose grant recipients? If you don’t know, here is a wake-up call. One Fund Boston, the 501(c)(3) established to assist victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon bombings, recently approved payment of $480,000 to an individual who is now charged with defrauding the fund. There’s good news for …