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Do you ever wish your nonprofit could click “google” to locate government grant opportunities? That wish may come true in California.

Finding government grant opportunities is a frustrating process, especially for nonprofits that have limited resources. In part, this is because there is no centralized location that lists all state grants. Thus, a nonprofit seeking grants from state agencies (there are 231) is forced to visit each agency’s website in the hopes that it will learn of a grant it may be eligible for. This wastes time and money. And, according to the California Association of Nonprofits (“CAN”), the process of searching government agency websites “disproportionately impacts underserved communities and smaller nonprofits.”

One website. One searchable database.
Fortunately, relief is on the way thanks to an Assembly bill sponsored by the CAN. The legislation, AB 2252, has been passed by both houses of the California legislature and is awaiting signature by Governor Brown. If signed, the frustrating process of finding grants will come to an end. Hopefully, before long finding California government grants will no longer be like finding a needle in a haystack.

A key feature of AB 2252 is that all California governmental agency grants will be listed on a searchable, single centralized website. Each listing would include information about criteria and eligibility. As icing on the cake, the law will allow nonprofits to apply for any state grant online.

If it becomes law, the bill will be a breath of fresh air for California nonprofits. If you’d like to see it become law, contact Governor Brown’s office to voice your support.

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