One Day in Los Angeles

April 21, 2014 Posted by Jessica Shofler in News, Nonprofits

One Day in Los AngelesIs your nonprofit interested in creating a new story for Los Angeles? One Day in Los Angeles, the creation of a unique 24-hour documentary of the city, will be held on April 26, 2014. The purpose of the documentary is to create a more realistic portrayal of Los Angeles, including its successes and struggles.

Participants will be challenged to answer ten questions about the future of Los Angeles, including:

Why are you in your city?
What do you love about your city?
What is the best thing happening in your city today?
What are your city’s biggest challenges?

The questions are meant to serve as “inspiration for visual investigations” rather than to prompt interviews.

The event aims to bring together nonprofits, entrepreneurs, academics, and media creators. It is part of the larger One Day on Earth, which will encourage the creation of documentaries of cities across the country on the same day.

Learn more about the Los Angeles project and the nationwide project.

If your organization is interested in participating sign up here or contact One Day in Los Angeles directly. They are particularly looking for nonprofits that are moving Los Angeles toward a better future or have interesting events taking place on April 26.

If you do participate, share your part of the story with us in the comments section below.

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