The Law Firm for Non-Profits Celebrates 25th Anniversary

August 3, 2021 Posted by Casey Summar in News, Nonprofits

It started as a one-person operation intent on “helping good people do good things.” Today, a seven-person team helps guide the increasingly important work of The Law Firm for Non-Profits (LFNP), which this year proudly celebrates its 25th year anniversary.

Established as a solo practice by Arthur Rieman in Los Angeles in August 1996, LFNP opened a Santa Barbara office in 2019 and has plans to keep expanding. The firm came to prominence during the last 25 years, building working relationships with regulators and a solid reputation within the nonprofit field. The firm continues to flourish nationwide while maintaining a strong footprint in California.

LFNP has worked with more than 1,500 nonprofits devoted to the arts, animal rescue, environmental and social issues, youth sports, churches, and countless other charitable, educational, scientific and religious organizations. The firm is known for its approachability and willingness to turn complicated legalese into plain language. Its motto is: Helping good people do good things.

Founder and managing partner Arthur Rieman holds an MBA in addition to his law degree, enabling him to offer contextualized knowledge and insights, crafting legal solutions that avoid disparate harm to nonprofit organizations. Partner Casey Summar, who has been vital to the firm’s recent growth, works closely with clients on a variety of complex matters. She came to LFNP in 2018 after 12 years practicing law in Nashville, Tenn., where she was in-house counsel and executive director for the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville.

Casey, who manages The Law Firm for Non-Profits’ Santa Barbara office, note that she and Arthur “complement each other. What’s different about what we do is we approach our work in a collaborative fashion at our firm.” Our firm’s approach is also different because “we explain the pros and cons so the client has tools to weigh options and make the best decision for the organization, not just from a legal perspective,” he said.

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