Nonprofit Registries Increases Streamlined Giving

September 19, 2012 Posted by The Law Firm for Non-Profits, P.C. in Fundraising, News

Have you ever bought a gift off a registry for a friend’s wedding or baby shower? Well, nonprofits are getting in on the registry approach, making it easier for donors to give organizations what they really need.

Through’s Wish List, donors can find and select items, such as software or medicine, that nonprofit organizations have specifically requested. The lists are frequently updated and include explanations for why certain items are needed. These registries are especially useful for social service organizations, like homeless shelters and soup kitchens, which often need certain supplies and products.

As a bonus, Amazon gives nonprofit organizations that post on its Wish List site up to 15% of the purchase price of the items donated.

As we’ve posted before, having a list of donors can be crucial to an organization’s long term survival. However, Amazon refuses to reveal the names of donors/contributors through its site because of its confidentiality policy. Thus, nonprofits have no way to thank, or have a continuing relationship with, its Amazon donors. Additionally, donors don’t know that nonprofits haven’t been given their information and may still expect a thank you.

Regardless, if your organization is interested in posting on the Wish List, start here.

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