GiveWell Focuses on Evidence-Based Giving

December 19, 2013 Posted by Jessica Shofler in Donations, Policy

download (1)Would you buy a car without a thorough vetting? For most the answer is no. So why donate to a charity without a proper investigation?

Last month we posted a list of the main questions to ask before you donate. But as the end of the year approaches, many potential donors tell us that they simply do not have time for all of that research. Here is another tool to help you sift through the millions of potential donee charities: GiveWell.

GiveWell is a nonprofit organization that looks for charities that have the maximum impact with the dollars they are given. Then it researches each charity like you might research your next car purchase (including site visits) and provides a detailed analysis and review of each organization. GiveWell’s motto is “real change for your dollar.”

From its research, GiveWell has determined that the most bang for your buck comes from donations to small organizations working internationally. This year, GiveWell’s top charities include an organization that transfers donations electronically to poor households in Africa and two that pay for parasitic treatments in developing countries.

Let us know below which charities you decide to donate to this year!

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