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Nonprofit Operations During a National Emergency

May 8, 2020 Posted by Kristen Anderson in Board, National emergency, Nonprofits

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts normal nonprofit operations, many nonprofit leaders are wondering how to operate their organizations during a national emergency. For many nonprofit boards, this may be the first time they have had to govern during a crisis. Although it may be difficult, or at times impossible, to continue with normal board actions, …


Family Tensions May Split Foundation

May 24, 2013 Posted by Jessica Shofler in Board, News

When family foundations are forced to move on from the founding generation, it is a time rife for fights over who will control the organization. The William Davidson Foundation, founded by William Davidson, a businessman and owner of the Detroit Pistons basketball team, is facing these growing pains. A petition to split the $1 billion …


LinkedIn Helps You Find New Board Members

November 20, 2012 Posted by The Law Firm for Non-Profits, P.C. in Board, News

Need help finding new board members? LinkedIn has unveiled a new program to do just that. The free service, called Board Connect, helps charities recruit new board members with specific skill sets. Charities have the opportunity to post details about their organizations and their current board members in order to attract new ones. Charities can …