Salary Increases at Grantmaking Organizations

Salary increaseAccording to a new survey by the Council on Foundations, the median salary for full-time positions at grantmaking organizations grew almost 3% from 2012 ($72,000) to 2013 ($74,061).

The Council on Foundations compiled the results from 936 U.S. grantmaking organizations, with 8,404 full-time paid positions. The organizations included 35% community funds, 28% private foundations, and 20% family funds. The remaining participants were other types of grantmakers, such as public charities.

The survey also revealed that job turnover was low in the past year for grantmaking organizations. Of those surveyed, nearly half of the organizations reported that no staff members left last year, and 41% of the chief executives and chief grantmaking officers have held their positions for at least 10 years.

Because of the low turnover and promotion from within, these organizations will soon be facing the challenge of succession planning. The survey found that 68% of foundation employees are 40 and older. During that same period, only 55% of the U.S. civilian work force was over 40 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Council on Foundations indicated that they will be watching this trend and tracking the changing demographics of the U.S. work force and its impact on grantmaking organizations.

How is your organization planning for succession?

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